Gretchen Astro Turner — Columbia University alum with a Master of Arts in the Teaching of English Language Arts (4.0 GPA) – ((and high honors at Psychedelic *State* :wink:)).  Wally World Ride Tester (but-not-the-ones-that-make-me-vomit); member of the International Assembly for the Incorrigibly Goofy; Thong Inspector; Conjugal Visitor; Fl(ir)tation Device in (Gene) Pool Sailor; Dental Dam(nation) Exonerator; Oral Fixative Administrator; Dolly Parton/Mae West/Family Guy sycophant; Wheaties box (and ex-opiate) all-star; roadside Swami motel nightlight; par um pa pa pum-er; Rama/Bhakti/BK/Vipassana babe; identically twinned; genflex (gender flexible); ambisextrous (bisexual); transcendental surrealist quillster!
All scurrilous insouciance aside, for my short story published in the Lammy-nominated first book of its kind, the seminal anthology of literature with a bisexual theme, “Best Bi Short Stories,” please click here. For my film reviews at Examiner.com, please hold tight for link as Examiner.com has transitioned to a new site…
Thank you!


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Corbyn Hanson Hightower Says:

    You are a) so brilliant; b) so cute; c) so filled to the bursting point with mad life and love that it makes my ass feel chapped.

    • godsagoodkisser Says:

      Wow, and I don’t think I would have ever needed drugs back in the day if I could have just injected *you* into that serotonin uptake whateveritscalled part of my brain. Thank you for the pure ear-popping high it is to know and love you, Corbyn.

      • Corbyn Hanson Hightower Says:

        Gretchezillious, if you haven’t heard this sort of thing about yourself an infinite number of times, then I. Just. Don’t. Know. You can be as humble as it suits, feign surprise or BE surprised each time (a charming sort of amnesia that I will grant you may be legitimate, though unlikely,) but I don’t for ONE MINUTE believe you aren’t showered with this sort of admiration loud and often. Because GRETCHEN FUCKING TURNER.

  2. godsagoodkisser Says:

    :onehundredzillion watt grin: …. well of course I’d do me but I can’t say that online! Oops.

  3. Daniel Donnelly Says:

    Two film reviews read (those for “Black Swan” and “The Cell”), and soon I will check out your poetry, Gretchen. Impressive material thus far! 😀

    • godsagoodkisser Says:

      Aw, Daniel-derring-do! The appreciation I harbor for even poking your head into my writing world, let alone enjoying any bit of what you see, is the stuff maximum limits are made of. T.H.A.N.K Y.O.U. And now the NSFW and Archie Bunker great-uncle-free zone disclaimer (per a bit of my God’sAGoodKisser stuff). LMA;O

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